VoloForce announces partnership with Eagle Eye Networks

VoloForce RealCADENCE for merchandising

Operational Excellence providing immediate insight into execution across your Enterprise




RealCADENCE™ unleashes the power of video and transforms your Loss Prevention system into an enterprise operational tool for any industry. We take the complicated out of using video, and make it easy for a manager to do virtual visits. Search on keyword such as product name or areas to call up cameras. Save money by spending less time driving and walking and see what needs to be seen.

RealCADENCE™ VMS will allow you to visit locations hourly instead of weekly. Returning savings to the bottom line. Resolve challenges in real-time from any Tablet or Computer.

RealCADENCE™ VMS will also enhance you existing team to leverage the power of checklists, forms, and reports. They will be able to see important things happen such as Deposits, Inventory allocation, Training, Loss Prevention, Retail Display Compliance, Food Temperature Readings, Shelf Stock Levels and anything they want to measure through the power of our mobile app, and most importantly communicate directly through the use of video.

Lights Camera Action

RealCADENCE™ allows any qualified user to take action on any number of organizational predefined templates to create Actions/Tasks through the power of our RealCADENCE™ VMS. Point and shoot technology makes it that easy and this is what makes virtual visits with RealCADENCE™ VMS so powerful. Call up a camera by area, zone or category, and if you see something out of place simply create a task and take action with just a click. That task goes directly to the person in charge of that area and our solution collects evidence and informs you that the task has been completed.

One person can now do the job of 20 people with the power of RealCADENCE™ VMS, which allows you to reinvest your savings into growing your revenue.


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