VoloForce Team

RealCADENCE™ by VoloForce was developed by Retailers for Retailers, to solve a fundamental issue of how to close the last mile between Big Data and in-store execution. Data shows us that the best way to change our customers behavior is to change our behavior. The days of throwing money and bodies at a problem to achieve minimal results are over. RealCADENCE™ uses state of the art technology applied to proven methods that will unite your in-store and management teams to ultimately improve the customer experience and increased sales.

VoloForce has taken this technology to the next level by building a patent-pending intelligence platform that can sense local environments and automate action sets while measuring results. This technology is used to move people toward sales execution, customer outreach, compliance, and the simple customer experience of clean stores. RealCADENCE™ brings check lists to life using images and video. RealCADENCE™ automates verification, and turns a task in to a measurable action, that leads retailers through execution excellence with the highest possible ROI.