Recovering Business Operations Post COVID-19

McKinsey article Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 11.37.36

COVID-19 has caused a shift in thinking for teams small and large to reimagine the workplace. The drive to continue operations while working remote has everyone scrambling.

This great article by Kevin Sneader and Bob Sternfels at McKinsey illustrates steps to recovery for larger (but really any) scale operations and, in the opinion of the author, makes the case for RealCADENCE™.

To deal with the crisis and its aftermath, companies not only need to develop digital solutions quickly but also to adapt their organizations to new operating models and deliver these solutions to customers and employees at scale. Solving this “last mile” challenge requires integrating businesses processes, incorporating data-driven decision making, and implementing change management.


This article is really worth the read.

RealCADENCE will give you a cloud based toolset to define your operations expectations and schedule their implementation across your enterprise. Managers can remotely view progress and measure results.

You will see where your team is effective and focus where you’re needed.

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