COVID-19 Has Changed Everything

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In December of 2019, we saw the first pictures of what would become a defining event for humanity. By March 2020, we were enumerating the 1000s of infected patients and calculating the mortality rate in an attempt to grasp the enormity of our new reality. Never before had we humans felt such a connection as we experienced the emotions triggered by a daily surge in numbers from country to country…knowing that it was only a matter of time until there was a local infection. Governments took action and encouraged quarantines as the only known counterpunch to the virus’ spread.

Isolation, shutdowns and a remote workforce were  blindspots for most businesses and organizations. Operations (ops) teams prior to COVID-19 might have had VPNs and power users connected remotely; but for the most part, connectivity was LAN/WAN over WiFi. Now, Ops teams are scrambling for answers to retain their key employees and maintain remote supervision. Team work solutions such as Zoom, Slack, Bandcamp and Dropbox offer ways to interact. These are valuable services that can help communication and sharing. There is something missing, though.

Remote workforces require a special type of supervision: productivity metrics. Even more so, not just at an individual level, but also for the organization. This is where the classic “Task Management” fails. There was no automated, remote-work-friendly way to see how C-level objectives and key results were being implemented across the enterprise. Traditionally, audit teams and management honor-systems were the best assurance CEOs and COOs could get.

COVID-19 QSR social distance tape

Since COVID-19, sending human bodies to every location is no longer feasible. Attempting to manually document promises kept does not scale either. Localized teams are being tasked with essential plans that require management review for liability avoidance. For example, in Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) need to mark areas for social distancing, clean surfaces and construct cashier shields.

Action Analytics

Our cloud product: RealCADENCE™ by VoloForce was designed for remote work, remote management and remote measurement. We put tools in the hands of your team at all levels to accomplish goals and ensure that corporate plans are completed. We hope the years we’ve invested will provide a nexus between the current chaotic circumstances and the new normal of a brighter future.

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Let us help you and your organization transform your new normal into your best future, starting today.



Authored by:

Randy Melder
CTO, VoloForce

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